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We’re open every day of the week, and are conveniently located by medical imaging, pathology, physiotherapy and a pharmacy all within 500m of our clinic.

If you think the condition is life-threatening you need to call ‘000’ for the ambulance service.

We reserve a small portion of appointments for urgent bookings each day. You can book online or call reception on the same day to book an appointment. If we are fully booked, we will still try to see you if your need is urgent. We will always fit appointments for sick children.

Online Booking is available 24 hours a day for standard appointments only.

For longer consultations and nurse bookings you need to call us during business hours.

We are mixed billing practice, please check our individual doctors fee structure in 'Our Fees' section

For after-hours service please consult Canberra After Hours Locum Service (CALMS) by phoning 1300 422 567 or attend your nearest Emergency department. Please call 000 in the event of an emergency.

We encourage all patients to make follow up appointments to discuss results. All test results are reviewed by the doctors, and staff will call and advise if an appointment for follow up is necessary.

Our practice is committed to preventative care and uses a computerised system to issue important reminder notices and other practice information. Please advise reception if you do not wish to be included in the reminder and recall system.

Language interpreters are provided through TIS (translating and interpreting services – national). This is a phone interpreter service. Please advise the language spoken, and preferably give us a few days’ notice to organise an interpreter.

For safety and medicolegal reasons, all medical certificates, prescriptions and repeat referrals need to be made with the patient present.

Please check before the time of your routine appointments if you are getting low on any scripts.

All information is kept confidential between the patient and our clinic. Patient information will not be released to the public or anyone else, unless the patient has requested (in writing) to do so.

Our centre abides by the RACGP privacy policy. Information can be accessed HERE. If you have concerns about your privacy – please speak to the doctor or practice manager or contact:

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

1300 363 992


ACT Health Services Commissioner

02 6205 2222

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

1300 363 992

ACT Health Services Commissioner

(02) 6205 2222

According to the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles, an organisation may use or disclose personal health information for a purpose (the secondary purpose) which is directly related to the primary purpose of collection without seeking consent, but only if the individual would have a reasonable expectation that the information could be used or disclosed for that secondary purpose.

Our practice participates in Quality improvement programs and thus submits de-identified data to our local capital health network for reporting. This data helps in the development of programs aimed at health prevention, identifying areas of need in the health community and funding.

It is a requirement of accreditation to be involved with QIP initiatives. If you have any questions refer to the privacy brochure.